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Oh Rulers of #Turkey! How many bases will we yield for the service of the Americans?!

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Oh Turkey

Obama’s Special Presidential Envoy John Allen, who is leading the forces of the Crusader alliance formed by America to spill the Muslims’ blood in Syria and Iraq, and his Assistant Secretary of State Brett McGurk visited Ankara on 09/10/2014 with communication specific to the planned military operations in Iraq and Syria, under the pretext of Islamic State (IS) militants. America announced through its official Dept. of State spokesperson as follows, “Turkey has agreed to support the efforts of training and arming the moderate Syrian Opposition”. US National Security Advisor Susan Rice also spoke about the current meetings between the U.S. and Turkey on October 11th on the NBC news channel saying, “Turkey has pledged that it will allow in the coming days for the United States of America and our other partners to use Turkish bases and territory in order to train the moderate opposition troops.” She said that it would be possible to use the facilities and capabilities in Turkey by the Americans and the coalition forces to carry out its operations in Syria and Iraq. Finally, another spokesperson of the US Dept. of State Jen Psaki said that a military delegation will be sent to Ankara this week to talk about the joint struggle against the Islamic State militants. Psaki also spoke of Turkey’s role adding, “There is no doubt that Turkey has a role to play, but we want to talk to them about their intentions, their absorptive capacities, and what they want to do.”

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Turkish government Bulent Arinc said, “There is nothing new regarding Incirlik. Some of the facilities proposed by Turkey in the framework of the training – arming is just talk in the subject at this stage.” As for the Foreign Minister Mawlood Jawish Oglu, who made statements from New York indicating that the process is ongoing, saying, “No decision has been taken currently on the subject of Incirlik or any other matter.”

All these statements that seem ambiguous indicate the following: there is a plan to make Turkey a center for military and political operations to be undertaken by the coalition forces; the crusade-gang led by America against Syria and Iraq, where Turkish territories will be a place to train moderate groups! The ones that want democracy to face the public who wants to establish the Islamic State and its resistance groups. This plan aims to develop a practical mechanism that did not culminate into practice successfully in 2012 under the US-Turkish partnership coordination between the coalition forces. In spite of the absence of clear statements by Turkey and America, the planning is not limited to the use of the Incirlik Base to solely performing military air operations by coalition forces, but there are plans to also use the air bases in Erhac – Malatya, Diyarbakir and Batman, even though there were no clear statements made by the United States and Turkey at the moment.

Oh Rulers! We in Hizb ut Tahrir Wilayah Turkey address the rulers of Turkey and say to them: Until when will you continue with serving the colonial American plans in the lands of Al-Sham and Iraq where Muslims live? Until when will you allow the American administration and its armies whose hands are contaminated with blood to consider our military bases as their safeguards and military headquarters, and until when will you allow them to make military plans directly from our bases? Until when will you continue to take your position in the crusade army and draw the attention of the Muslims by your speech as an exalted Ottoman State? Today, we in Hizb ut Tahrir, as we always have been, will continue to speak the truth, even if our truth was denied and their lies were believed, and even if the traitor was declared faithful, and the faithful a traitor, the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم says:

«سيأتي على الناس سنوات خدّاعات، يُصَدق فيها الكاذب ويُكذَّب فيها الصادق، ويُؤتمن فيها الخائن ويُخوَّن فيها الأمين، وينطق فيها الرويبضة»، قيل: وما الرويبضة يا رسول الله؟ .. قال: «الرجل التافه يتكلم في أمر العامة»

“Certainly, some deceitful years will pass through mankind, in which the liar will be thought as truthful and truthful will be conceived as liar, and the betrayer will be trusted and the loyal one will be regarded as a betrayer, and the ‘Ruwaibidha’ will speak.” It was asked, “And who is the ‘Ruwaibidha’, O Messenger of Allaah?” He said: “It is the foolish one, who will speak on public issues.” (Ibn Majah)

Oh rulers! We know you imply the American interests when you speak of the Turkish interests. We, by the name of Islam, warn you of being collaborators in the bloodshed of Muslims in Syria and Iraq. If you make the Turkish territories as bases for this American war against Islam to launch, you will not be able to withstand the severe reckoning neither to the Ummah nor to Allah سبحانه وتعالى, the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth. You should know that Turkey is not a ground for NATO nor a base for the Kuffar. Turkey is an Islamic land; it was over the centuries the cradle of the Islamic Khilafah.

Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Turkey

Wednesday, 21st Dhul Hijjah 1435 AH

15/10/2014 CE

No: TR–BA–2014–MB–TR–026


US Patriots protecting the city of Gaziantep, Turkey under NATO command

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NATO ministers visit Patriot Batteries in Turkey

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23 Feb. 2013
NATO Defence Ministers visit Patriot deployment
The German, Dutch and Turkish defence ministers paid a joint visit to NATO Patriot batteries in Turkey on Saturday 23 February, in a signal of Alliance solidarity.

The Turkish defence minister Ismet Yilmaz thanked Allies for their support. ”We are very pleased at how quickly NATO responded to our request to reinforce our air defences. I personally want to thank my fellow Ministers from Germany and the Netherlands for their important contribution,” Mr Yilmaz said.
The three defence ministers visited both the Dutch and German Patriot sites at Adana and Kahramanmaras during their two-day stay, and received an operational briefing from the Dutch and German Patriot commanders. They also met with local Turkish officials and officers.
The German defence minister Thomas de Maizière stressed the defensive nature of the deployment. ”The defensive nature of the mission is not only due to the NATO mandate, but also for technical reasons. The position and range of the Patriots makes it impossible to enforce a no-fly zone or attack Syria”, said Mr de Maizière. The Dutch defence minister Jeannine Hennis-Plasschaert said the joint visit demonstrated the Alliance’s resolve and solidarity. ”The strong solidarity that exists in NATO is very evident here today. The Netherlands are ready and pleased to serve and help our fellow Ally Turkey,” Ms Hennis-Plasschaert said.
The ministers travelled to Turkey immediately after attending a defence ministerial in Brussels at NATO headquarters on Friday. The visit comes after the last of the deployed batteries became operational under NATO command and control on 15 February. Germany, the Netherlands and the United States provide two batteries each to augment Turkey’s air defences. The systems are deployed in Kahramanmaras, Adana, and Gaziantep.

Adana – Netherlands
Gaziantep – USA
Kahramanmaras – Germany

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The red squares are military and can be ‘cursored’ for basic info and ‘clicked’ for more info.

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NATO Defense ministers in Turkey

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NATO Defence Ministers brief media at the site of the German patriot site in Kahramanmaras, southern Turkey. The Turkish Defence Minister Ismet Yilmaz is joined by his German counterpart Thomas de Maiziere and the Dutch Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, standing to his right. On Ministers Yilmaz’s left is the governor of Kahramanmaras Sukru Kocatepe.


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Breaking News!

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#Turkey to convene urgent #NATO meet.

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Bringing You The Latest News From The Heart Of The Syrian Revolution!

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Bringing You The Latest News From The Heart Of The Syrian Revolution!

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