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#Douma, #Syria: A child is being sniped repeatedly while bleeding to death as others attempt to save him.

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566 humans were killed by Assad in Syria. #AssadsBlasphemy

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Al-Assad: Kill or be killed

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Al-Assad: Kill or be killed


By Emad El Din Adeeb

Emad El Din Adeeb

I asked my dear friend, [Lebanese] MP Nihad Al-Mashnouq, an extremely naïve question, however his answer was so realistic that it might shock some people!

I asked Nihad, a well-informed expert on Syrian affairs, “Do you think it is hypothetically possible that the idea of stepping down from power has not crossed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s mind?”

Nihad’s answer, which will be broadcast soon and came during a televised interview, was “Never…this man adopts the principle of kill or be killed”

He added “all the delusions and leaks that talk about a peaceful or diplomatic settlement along the lines of the Yemeni transition of power are nonsense.”

If my friend’s views are true then we are facing a bill that is impossible to pay. In my own view, this is true because it is what we have learnt from the al-Assad family’s record of crisis management and also because this viewpoint is being put forward by somebody who is perfectly aware of what he is talking about.

The al-Assad regime’s logic of continuous denial and refutation, transforming what is known to be false into the truth and portraying reality however it sees fit means that any anticipation of a quick settlement to the Syrian crisis is nothing more than wishful thinking


more in the article

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Twitter updates from Syria – Doctor estimates death toll at a much higher of 50,000 people

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French doctor founder of Medicins Sans Frontiers in #Aleppo estimating death toll in #Syria to 50.000. Unfortunately reality even much more

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Disgusting act of Syrian media! Interview with the dying victims of Bashar’s brutality while they were massacred!!

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Syria: Pro- Regime TV Channel interviews dying civilians (Daraya Massacre!!)

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Syria helicopter down in Damascus in massacre ‘revenge’

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16 Young men killed in Douma at the hands of Bashar’s thugs. Their hangs were tied and their throats slit with knives. Stab wounds can also be seen in some.

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Bringing You The Latest News From The Heart Of The Syrian Revolution!

Bringing You The Latest News From The Heart Of The Syrian Revolution!

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Bringing You The Latest News From The Heart Of The Syrian Revolution!

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