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Unverified claims from Operation al-Anfal in Lattakia that Al-Samra (Um Al-Tanafis) has been taken, thus revealing the Mediterranean.


Breaking News!

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Jabhat al Nusrah commander Abu Azzam martyred! May Allah place him in the highest level of jannah with the shuhadah and anbiya! Your sacrifice will not go to waste Abu Azzam, Allah will grant victory to the believers and establsih #Khilafah in Ash Sham! #WithSyria

#Syria, # Damascus countryside: Daily Report of the most important happenings _ military _ for a day _ Thursday 13/03/2014

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Eastern Front :
The Mujahideen inAl Sahaba brigades and battalions to target one of the rooms , which are dug by gangs Assad barrier Al Khazan shells (R PG) was achieved a direct hit , thank God .
Mujahideen Corps Al Rahman are targeting barrier Tohme reality on the Southern Highway by Gun sniper of the model ( 12.5 ) mm .
Targeting Al Noor barrier in the town of Damascus Suburbs Mleeha homemade mortar .
Achievements in the Battle of the Adra :
1 . Liberation of the city of Adra labor abomination criminals who killed our people and our people have been displaced , Vmcunnina God from their necks .
2 . Liberation of our people who have tasted the civilians from the oppression of criminality Asadi and his officers and the scourge of oppression and displacement .
3 . Hundreds of officers killed the lion and symbols of criminality and injustice and Tgeraahm cup which Erhqgua our people out .
4 . Mujahideen seized large quantities of arms and ammunition which the offense pray our people and our nation .
5 . Cut through Damascus ‘ Adra A l Ommalieh and which was exploited by shabeeha to support herds shabeeha that destroy our cities .
6 . Editing labs and factories around the country Adra and secure them from the fires of hatred Al Assad .
Mujahideen Corps Al Rahman who Snipe shabiha system and targeting the barricades in the General Administration of compounds
Clashes taking place between the Mujahideen Corps Al Rahman and regime forces in the General Administration of compounds .

Qalamoon :
After attempting to offer one of the points score was now two cars full of dead bodies from the elements of Hizbu allah heading towards Nabek National Hospital and after being targeted with mortars and machine guns of 14.5 by the Mujahideen in the city Qalamoon Yabrood
Jabhat Al nusrah in Lebanon fired a Grad rocket towards the area of Nabi Sheet , a stronghold of the Lebanese Hizbollah
After the completion of the month of the steadfastness of the Champions Qalamoon in the face of militia Hizbollah and the fourth division and the Republican Guard began today militia # uHizbollah started to use rockets volcano rockets, which are modified severe destruction was initiated use since yesterday on the impact of the inability to progress to the city and the use of scorched earth policy to advance into the city
Outlaw killed Brigadier General Khalil Tahir Zgbe , one of Banias – Kerkfti where they were killed by the army of free men heroes . Were also killed Brigadier General Mohammad Fayez Mohammed ( Republican Guard ) and who was killed in Yabroud . And is the father of Broadcaster ( Kinan Mohammed ) Satellite broadcaster SyrianChannel .

Damascus :
The Band fighter artillery stormed the strongholds of al-Assad gangs in the neighborhood # AL Qadam south of Damascus mortar and heavy casualties were realized praise and gratitude be to Allah .

Western Front :
Violent clashes fought by Mujahideen Corps Al Rahman on the Southern Highway .

The most important video :
Targeting Tths room where gangs Assad in Mleeha :
Corps Al Rahman | | Zamalka | | sniper shabiha barrier Tohme Baknash 12.5 :
KD strongholds Assad gangs in the neighborhood south of Damascus Al Qadam mortar :
NIF : Targeting the Al Noor barrier in the town of Damascus Suburbs Mleeha mortar :
Corps Al Rahman | | Harasta | | sniper shabiha whom were in system in the management of vehicles. :
Concourse missile targeting photographer by fighters of Al Assad and miraculously survived :

Released nuns in Syria thankful both to Jabhat al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda

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Just a fraction of Shariah shows the world how merciful Allah’s Shariah is to mankind! Allahu akbar!!!

Jabhat al Nusra offensive in Daraa Where They Siezed M-79 Osa from Regime Forces

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Maaloula nuns exchange operation with detained Syrian women in Assad’s Prisons

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16 Nuns released after being held by ‪Jabhat al Nusrah, in exchange for 150 female prisoners held by the Regime

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The nuns spoke positively of the way they were treated …

Interviewer 1: It must have been a very hard time for you?
Nun 1: Contrary, it was -praise be to the Lord- very easy

Nun2: The Jabhah, and I do not want to say much, but their treatment was very good with us, they were supplying us with all our needs and serving us as we request of them …

Interviewer 2: Did they take the crosses away from you, as we saw you without it. Were they the ones that requested you to move it.

Nun 2: No, they did not ask us, but we felt it would be the appropriate thing to do.

Interviewer 3: Were you all released?

Nun 2: Yes, the 16 of us were all released, and we are all in good health, thanks to God, no body was harmed, touched, or bothered, and this is our testimony in front of God.


Bringing You The Latest News From The Heart Of The Syrian Revolution!

Bringing You The Latest News From The Heart Of The Syrian Revolution!

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Bringing You The Latest News From The Heart Of The Syrian Revolution!

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