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#Syria: Important Message delivered to #ISIS and #AhrarAsh-Shaam

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#Syria: Message delivered by Abu Bilal al Homsi to the brigades ‘The Islamic State of #Iraq and Shaam’ and ‘Ahraar Ash-Shaam’.

He reminds them that the Ummah is looking to them to bring dignity and honour to her and that the disbelievers are terrified of what the people of Shaam can achieve in terms of starting something that will radically change the map of the Muslim world and unify them.

In light of this it is obligatory for the Muslims not to be diverted by competing over small gains and fighting over them but rather they must unify their ranks and continue on the only path that will restore this #Ummah and defeat the plans of the disbelieving enemies.

And that is to work solely for Allah’s pleasure to bring back the application of Allah’s Deen and the Shariah with the re-establishment of the #Khilafah State.

  1. 7:35 AM January 12, 2014 at 7:35 AM

    Bismillahi rahmani raheem

    Wa Ma Atakum al Rasul Fakhudhu Wa Ma Nahakum Anhu Fantahu

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Rasul Allah (saws) said sanctions would be placed on Iraq, then Sham then Egypt in that order and when the war come to Egypt that will be the time for the Beginning of Malhama al Qubra and the Mahdi (ra). The sanctions on Iraq have been placed and lifted, now when the people of Syria win this war, Europe will come in and place sanctions on them, then when war starts in Egypt they will also place sanctions on them but the Ummah at that time will rise up and defeat them in Egypt then they will Start al Malhama al Kubrah with us and it will be the time of the Mahdi (ra) according to Rasul Allah (saws).

    Abu Nadhrah reported: “We were sitting in the company of Jabir bin Abdullah (r.a.) when he said: It May Happen that the People of Iraq may not send their Qafiz and Dirhams. We said, “Who would be responsible for it?” He Said, “The Non-Arabs would prevent them.” He again said, “There is the possibility that the people of Shaam (Syria) may not send their Dinar and Mudd.” We said, “Who would be responsible for it? He said, “Prevention would be made by the Romans.” He (Jabir b Abdulah) Kept Quiet for a while and then reported Allah’s Messenger (saws) having said: “There would be a caliph in the last (period) of my Ummah who would freely give out handfuls of wealth to the people without counting it”. I said to Abu Nadra and Abu al-Ala, “Do you mean ‘Umar bin Abd al Aziz?” They said “No (he would be al Mahdi)”. (Muslim, Book41, Number 6961)

    Abu Nadhrah reported: “We were sitting in the company of Jabir bin Abdullah (r.a.) when he said: Soon the people of Iraq will neither receive any food (grain) nor any money.'” We asked, “Why would such a thing happen?” He replied, “Because of the non-Arabs.” He then said: “Soon the people of Shaam (Syria) will neither receive any money nor grain.” We asked as to why this would happen. He replied: “Because of the Romans.” And in the narration of al-Hakim there is the following addition: “Then he said: “By He in Whose Hand is my soul, the matter will return as it began. All Iman will return to al-Madinah, as it began from there, until all Iman will be in al-Madinah.” (Muslim, Volume 2, page 395, the book of tribulations and signs of the final hour)

    We lived through the Sanctions of Iraq, the Non Arabs (U.N, U.S and the coalition) stopped trade and food from entering the country and during this period the Iraqi currency was de-evaluated so they couldn’t trade with it preventing them from their measurement, “Iraq will neither receive any food (grain) nor any money.'”, “It May Happen that the People of Iraq may not send their Qafiz and Dirhams”. A Dirham is a currency, 1 Dinar = 4.45grams of gold and 1 Dirham = 0.7 Dinar. While a Qafiz is a measure of Oil, the word Qafiz has been used throughout history for a measure of Oil, because of Arab influence over southern Italy which borrowed some words from Arabic, one word in the Sicilian language is “Cafisu” or a “Cafiso” a measure of Oil used to measure Olive Oil. This indicates that the Hadith specifies the sanctions imposed on Iraq would be about Money and Oil, the prophet (saws) mentioned this long before Oil had any significance in the world like it does today and is exactly what occurred when sanctions where placed on Iraq.

    “Syria would withhold it’s Mudd and Dinar”, Mudd is a measure of wheat or generally speaking food such as rice, barley, bread, etc. One Mudd equals 3/4 of a kilogram or 708 grams. A Mudd is also a measure translated in today’s language as a “Bushel”. The sanctions on Syria according to the Hadith will then be about Food and Money, different from the sanctions placed on Iraq.
    Egypt will withhold it Irdab and Dinar, the word in the Hadith Irdab is a measurement specific to Egypt, 1 Irdab = 73Kg (of wheat), when referring to grain, Irdab generally means wheat free from dirt, rubbish and husks. More generally Irdab also refers to fruit in their dried state like dried dates and raisins. Therefor the sanctions on Egypt will impact the dinar (money) and the import of wheat and dried fruits. The measure of Irdab (73Kg) may indicate that the sanctions placed on Egypt may be more severe than those placed on Syria due to the Irdabs larger Quantity, 1 Irdab = 73Kilograms and is roughly 103 times larger than the measurement of Mudd at 708 grams.
    The Ahadith mention the dominance of the non-Arabs (U.N, U.S and the coalition who oppressed Iraq) and the Romans (Europeans who will oppress Syria) over the Muslim’s, it will continue to extend around the Muslim world until we only have the Arabian peninsula (“you will return from whence you began”),even then other Ahadith say at that time our “most distant frontier outpost will be Salah” and other similar placesl, when the Mahdi (r.a) comes he will change this for a time but we would begin to loose again when Allah sends the Dajjaal (Allah’s curse be upon him).

    This war that is occurring now in Syria, Rasul Allah (saws) spoke about it specifically,

    The Prophet (pbuh) Said: “So do not rebuke the people of Syria but rebuke the evil people among them because amongst them are the Abdals (Awliya). A flood is about to be sent down upon the people of Syria, which will disperse their groups in such a way, that if foxes attacked they would be beaten. At that time a man from the Family of my House will come under 3 banners; between 12-15,000 and their password is – ‘Die, die.’ Then, there will come 7 banners and under each will be one man seeking the kingdom. Allah will kill all of them and restore unity and favors upon the hearts of Muslims, and those who were far come close.”
    The Flood means a struggle that will expose their week points and disperse there groups, so that if an outside Force attacked they would win. The Sayid in this hadith is not the Mahdi but another descendant of Rasul Allah (saws).
    And in another version:
    “At the end of time there will be a trial in which people will be sorted in a similar way to that in which gold is sorted from metal. Therefore do not rebuke the people of Syria rather, rebuke the evil people among them, because amongst them are the Abdals (Awliya). Allah will send a flood from Heaven (an event) that will disperse their groups in a way that if foxes were to attack them they would be victorious. Then Allah will send a man from the perfumed musked children of the Messenger, praise and peace be upon him, amongst approximately 12-15,000 under three banners and their password is ‘Die, die!’ And they will be fought by the people of 7 banners under each is a man seeking the kingdom. They will be killed, defeated, then the Hashimite will appear, so Allah will restore unity and favors to the people and this will be the case until the Dajjaal (the lying, false messiah) comes.”
    (They are recorded by Abu Dawud, Ahmad, Ibn Majah and At-Tabarani.)

    Al-Hakim narrated from ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib [radhiyallahu ‘anhu] that the Messenger of Allah [sallallahu ‘alayhi wa-sallam] said: “There will be at the end of time a trial that will sort out men as gold is sorted out from metal. So do not revile the people of Sham, but revile their evil ones, for among them are the Abdal [great righteous people]. A flood is about to be released upon the people of Sham that will split their unity, so that even if foxes attack them, they would defeat them. At that time, a man from my household will come out with three banners. The one who estimates highly will say that they are fifteen thousand. And the one who estimates lower will say that they are twelve thousand. Their sign will be: “Amit, amit [kill, kill].” They will meet in battle seven banners, and under each of those banners will be a man seeking the kingdom. Allah will kill all of them, and restore to the Muslims their unity and bounty, and their far ones and near ones.”
    The Ahadith give a chronological order of events in our time just before the advent of the Mahdi, this fitnah will lead us to Him, The Great War (al malhama al kubrah) and it will only end when the Dajjaal arrives as many other Ahadith (mentioned later) also indicate. We have seen the first Iraq war which lead to the sanctions on Iraq, now Syria is at war and eventually sanctions will also be placed on it as it is next in the order specified in the Ahadith. To identify the events the Ahadith give details about the type of war that will be fought, the prophet (pbuh) said a fitnah will first come and sort people out from each other just like Gold is sorted from metal, meaning those who are precious in Allah’s eyes will be sorted out from the generality of people, like gold a precious metal is separated from the common ore surrounding it. Then He (pbuh) said during the time of this fitnah that will sort people out Allah will send a Flood, this is an analogy for something unstoppable and has a flow on effect like a flood, which is the uprising’s in the Muslim world that had a flow effect from one country to the next to overthrow every dictator in the muslim world and end that era in a short span of time, It will separate the groups of Syria and leave them exposed.
    He (pbuh) mentioned it would be a “flood” that would expose them to invading Armies (that if foxes attacked they would be beaten, fox’s may mean a cunning opportunistic army), which indicates when the flood arrives the conflict would then be internal in that country (the civil war we are seeing now) as He (pbuh) didn’t mention they would be fighting an invading army like most ahadith informed about other events. This Analogy of the flood could mean the events in Syria will be like the effect of a catalyst or something that once it starts will not stop and will lead to something more just like a flood is unstoppable once it starts.
    The Hadith mentions the two different types of groups, “At that time, a man from my household will come out with three banners….Their sign will be: “Amit, Amit (kill, kill).”…. They will meet in battle seven banners, and under each of those banners will be a man seeking the kingdom.”, by the time this conflict will be coming to an end the Mujahideen of Sham will have a single leader who is a Sayyid and under him is three banners, he will fight the people of Seven banners each seeking the kingdom, meaning the people of the seven banners will have seven individual leaders all fighting for Dunya and to rule over Sham.

    If we look at what is happening in Sham now we will see the Mujahideen now have a single leader with different groups fighting for their own homeland until death “Their sign will be: “Amit, amit [kill, kill]”, while the people fighting them have many leaders, Asad, HizbAllah, Al Qaedah, when Al Qaedah came into the country they fought both Asad and the Mujahideen for political control of the country, they are comprised of two separate factions independent of each other with two distinct leaders, and in recent times two local factions left the Mujahideen to fight on the side of Al Qaedah for control of the country which is no longer a Jihad against Asad and Hizb Allah but a war for this Dunya and the Kingdom of Sham.

    That is a total of 6 groups or banners so far with 6 leaders independent of each other all fighting for the kingdom, I don’t know the exact number of the Mujahidieen factions who left but it is at least two and what I am certain of, it may have been three and it may develop into a total of Seven groups with seven leaders later on if they are not already, wa llahu Allam, as the situation stands now events are shaping up exactly as the Prophet (saws) has mentioned and should become more clear by the end of the conflict.

    Inalillah wa Ina ilaihi Rajiuun

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