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Damascus Suburbs | Daily Report

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Revolutionary Command Council inDamascus Suburbs | Daily Report
Saturday,April 20, 2013

Forty -four civilians were killed inrural Damascus including: 24 Jdaidet Alfadel, 9 Daryyah, 3 Muadamyyat Asham, 3 Douma and a civilian ineach of Badda, Jairoud, Ain Tarma, Deir Atyyah, and Azzabadani.

Jdaidet Artoz Alfadel: Assad forces invadedthe city and perpetrated atrocious massacres killing at least 74 civilians includingchildren and women, wounding more than 600 civilians, arresting large numbersof civilians from different ages, and burning homes and shops . 80 civilianswere extra judicially executed by Assad forces in the city, activists said. The humanitarian situation is worsening rapidly amid severe shortage of medical supplies while powerand communication were cut. Thousands of civilians are still trappedin the city.

Alotaibeh: Assadforces shelled the town with surface-to-surface missiles. The Free Syrian Army drove back regime forcesas they attempt to storm into the town inflicting loss in the hardware andsouls. Today, the Free Syrian Army destroyed a regime tank and three vehicles andkilling at least 14 soldiers.

Jdaidet ArtozAlbalad: Assad forces shelled the town.More than 55 shells fell on residential areas; two of them fell on a homekilling three civilians and wounding several others.

Adra: Assadforces stationed with the 14th regiment in Alqtaifeh shelled thecity of Adra with rocket launchers andheavy artillery.

Douma: Regimerocket launcher shelling targeted worshipersduring Alfajer prayer.

Harasta: Fierceregime rocket shelling targeted residential areas coupled with intermittent gunfire.

Deir Atyyah:Assad forces fiercely shelled residential areas wounding several civilians, activatessaid.

Daryyah: Assad forces have besiegedthe city amid fierce shelling on residential areas.

Zamalka: The Free Syrian Armyclashed with Assad forces at the southern bypass amid fierce regime artilleryshelling on Zamalka city.

Bait Sahim: Assad forces fiercelyshelled the city with heavy artillery.
Khirbit Alwarid: Assad forces carried out arrest campaigns among displacedcivilians arresting more than 50 civilians.

Alqtaifeh: Assad forces stationed with the 155thbrigade fired a Scud missile towards the northern Syrian territories.

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Bringing You The Latest News From The Heart Of The Syrian Revolution!

Bringing You The Latest News From The Heart Of The Syrian Revolution!

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Bringing You The Latest News From The Heart Of The Syrian Revolution!

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