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Latest events in #Damascus city up until 5:00 p.m. [#Syria time] – 8/2/2013

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[Name of this Friday is a verse from Quran]
Friday of “And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah (i.e. this Qur’an), and be not divided among yourselves”

The regime’s forces continue to bombard the eastern districts indiscriminately, specially Jobar and Al Qaboun and the sides of the southern handing bridge using artillery and rocket launchers. The bombardment is also targeting the districts of AL Asali, Al Hajar Al Aswad, and Al Madneyyeh south of Damascus city. Intense clashes continue to take place on the outskirts of Jobar and Al Qaboun districtd and in the surrounding of Al Abbaseyyeen square.
Reports say that a shell [fired by the FSA] fell near the Air Force intelligence branch behind Al Abbaseyyeen field; huge reinforcements were spotted heading to the area afterwards.


+++ Details of the events +++

– FSA steadfast on their barriers, only a few meters away from the regime’s forces’ barriers:


* Southern hanging bridge:

– FSA cuts off the road to the southern hanging bridge from the side of Jobar district:

– Smoke billowing after the southern hanging bridge was targeted by warplane’s airstrikes:


* Jobar district:

The regime’s forces are heavily bombarding the district using mortar bombs and rocket launchers. Several houses got destroyed and a number of civilians got wounded. Warplanes have also hovered over the district.

–Bombardment on Jobar at night:

–Fires igniting due to bombardment:

–Intense clashes:


* Al Qaboun district:

The regime’s forces intensely bombarded the area located between Jovar and Al Qaboun district [near Al Wusool garage]. Also, several other points were targeted on the sides of the southern handing bridge by warplanes’ airstrikes and tank shells.

–Intense clashes on the southern hanging bridge:

–Intense clashes near the water foundation located near Al Abbaseyeen garages -at end of Fares Khouri street:

–Bombardment and smoke billowing:
http://youtu.be/v_76pMyX6eA [bombardment on area between Jobar and Qaboun]
http://youtu.be/y1EzVgQQGeU [bombardment on area between Jobar and Qaboun]

–Areas where mortar bombs fell in Al Qaboun district:



* Al Mazzeh:

– Rocket launched bombarding the southern districts of Damascus; bombardment from military Al Mazzeh airport:


* Al Yarmouk camp:

–Bombardment on Al Quds mosque in the 15 road by mortar bombs:

–Destruction behind Al Quds mosque:

–Clashes near Al Yarmouk street branch:

–FSA preparing to attack the regime’s forces on barriers:


Yesterday night, a huge fire ignited in one of the districts there but civilians were not able to extniguish the fire immediately because of the suffocating siege on the camp and the inability to freely move; therefore, the fires spread to other areas rapidly.

–Last night’s fire near Bin Omara’ area:


* Al Sena’ah area:

– Sounds of heavy bombardment targeting the southern districts clearly heard in Al Sena’ah district:


* Barzeh:

Protest after Friday prayers:


* Al Adaweyeh:

This morning, the regime’s forces invaded the area of Al Deewaneyyeh in Al Adaweyyeh after they cut off all roads leading to the area; they then spread heavily by Doshka cars and a 25-passanger bus along with several other vehicles packed with Shabiha (thugs); an arbitrary-arrest campaign was waged then.


* Al Meedan:

The regime’s forces arbitrarily arrested civilians in Al Haqleh and Al Zahrah Al Qadeeme areas in Al Meedan district.


* Al Asali:

– Smoke billowing from AL Madneyyeh area due to rocket bombardment:


* Al Mazra’ah:

The regime’s security forces stormed houses and reports say that they have arrested several civilians arbitrarily.


* Old videos received today:

–Clashes to liberate Harmaleh barrier – 7/2/2013


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Bringing You The Latest News From The Heart Of The Syrian Revolution!

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Bringing You The Latest News From The Heart Of The Syrian Revolution!

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